Atención integral y personalizada al paciente extranjero


Comprehensive and personalized care for the internacional patient


Des soins complets et personnalissés des patients à l'étranger


Umfassende, individuelle Betreuung ausländischer Patienten


Why choose Viamed

At Viamed we strive to improve people’s quality of life by providing medical, nursing, and social care. We are extremely capable and dedicated in the performance of our duties. We identify with our patients and clients; we always put ourselves in their place, in order to treat them with respect and warmth. It is our mission to respond to their health needs quickly, offering high quality care and sensitivity.

We are committed and environmentally responsible, passionate about our work, professional, innovative, and close to our patients, constantly updating processes to ensure they get the very best care..

Through the International Medical Care Unit (IMU), launched in 2016, we offer medical care and attention to foreign tourists through our International Service. This unit was created in response to the demand detected among tour operators, travel agencies, and users themselves, who have entrusted their health to the professionals of Grupo Viamed. The Unit specialises in providing comprehensive quality care to patients who are in Spain on holiday. It has state-of-the-art equipment and extremely comfortable facilities

Viamed offers International Patients:

  • Service in hotels/in the home, and 24-hour emergency medical service with priority care for all their needs with regard to emergency medicine, tests, and appointments.
  • Support from staff members from our international patient service department with a translation service (English, German, and French) provided throughout the entire care process.
  • Management and processing of cover directly with international health insurance companies from our patients’ native countries, billing and collection of all expenses and charges incurred during their stay.

We draw up an estimated budget and inform them of finance options available.

We analyse their case and advise them to choose the best professional.

We find the soonest date possible in line with their needs to treat their particular case.

We provide contact with travel agencies to advise them about their stay.

We provide an interpreter/liaison so they can understand the progress they are making every step of the way.

We advise them regarding the treatment and diet they should follow.

We coordinate all the tests that need to be performed through our Care Units.

We help them to liaise with a travel agency to advise them about their stay.

A date for review is agreed.

We advise them through our pharmacy service so they can find equivalent medications in their home country.

We provide them with all the reports issued by the Hospital.

We provide patients with an online communication channel for any questions or queries after their stay.

Hospitals that offer services to international patients

Hospital Viamed Novo Sancti Petri
Urb. Novo Santi Petri Av. Octavio Augusto, s/n, Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz

956 495 000 Visit Website

Hospital Viamed Bahía de Cádiz
C/ Arroyuelo, Chiclana de la Fra., Cádiz

956 533 333 Visit Website

Hospital Viamed Santa Ángela de la Cruz
Avda. de Jerez, 59, Sevilla

954 032 000 Visit Website