At Viamed Salud, we are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For this reason, we have developed the EVIAMED30 Plan as we work to become the first Hospital Group in Spain to achieve «Zero« emissions.

We coordinate a coherent and integrated response to the climate crisis within a social sector such as Healthcare.

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Climate action
Good health and well-being
Responsible production and consumption
Affordable and clean energy
Clean water and sanitation


100% sustainable electricity commitment

All of Viamed’s electricity supply is from renewable sources. Our goal is to minimise our environmental footprint, both our water and carbon footprint. To do this, each hospital records its footprints through its monthly electricity, gas, and water consumption, transforming these values into tonnes of carbon equivalent, which is now ”0” for electricity use since we only use renewable sources

Energy audit and certification

Energy audits are conducted at all Viamed hospitals to analyse the consumption of each hospital’s energy supply. This is the basis for defining the energy rating of our hospitals in terms of their efficiency on the A to G scale, which helps us to define measures with or without investment to improve energy efficiency (insulation, equipment replacement, self-consumption projects, BMS, etc.).

Development of a predictive Energy Management System (EMS)

Through a software programme called ECRAS, we monitor the consumption of the different supplies in each hospital using our own meters. Thanks to this tool, we can monitor consumption, as well as the predictive detection of leaks, the behaviour of hospitals to apply efficiency measures, etc.

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Sustainable, healthy and safe mobility

Viamed also seeks to reduce emissions through our goal to provide clean, affordable, and accessible transportation to our hospital users, even in the most remote areas.

We are committed to renewable energy and energy self-sufficiency

To promote renewable energy and energy self-sufficiency, Viamed will install 1400 photovoltaic panels at 11 hospitals.

Reusing facemasks as fuel

All the main access areas of our Viamed hospitals will have drop-off points where patients, companions, and professionals can leave their facemasks for recycling.

San José: First H2 and O2 green hospital facility in Spain

Viamed San José will install the first H2 and O2 green hospital facility in Spain with H2 and O2 using renewable energy.