Quality healthcare is part of our mission, and our priority is to “provide high quality, safe, and effective medical and health care to our patients and residents with appropriate resources and with the utmost professionalism and empathy.”

Far from being a simple statement of intent, this mission translates into a powerful system of quality assessment and improvement, with clearly defined methodology.

We ensure and improve Quality by developing a set of guidelines applicable to all professionals who provide services at Viamed to ensure that all patients are treated at our facilities with the expected levels of care, quality, and safety.

Quality is understood from a broad perspective, focusing especially on two aspects:

Clear focus on patient experience, based on the implementation of a sophisticated system for evaluating patient satisfaction based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which provides real-time information and allows us to develop a specific approach tailored to each patient, as well as concrete action plans within each hospital to address the main areas for improvement.

Maximum dedication to patient safety, which impacts the whole care process and is a core priority for Viamed, as demonstrated by the fact that all the Group’s hospital facilities have received the UNE 179003 Certification in Patient Safety for years now, which is awarded when external auditors prove that hospitals implement a patient safety culture and safe practices

We are committed to obtaining accreditations and certifications from reputable bodies, because we understand that this is the way to demonstrate to our patients through objective evidence and independent audits that our facilities meet the highest standards of care quality:

All Viamed facilities are ISO 9001 (quality management) and UNE 179003 (patient safety) certified with a full range of healthcare and support services provided on site. The approach used for certification is a multisite approach, which certifies Viamed as a whole rather than each site independently.

Through this approach, the external certifier confirms that Viamed facilities work with common principles, values, procedures, indicators, and tools that ensure all patients treated at any of our facilities receive care with the expected quality levels, following the “Viamed Model”..

We use the standards developed by the Joint Commission International as a reference in the development of our work systems, and our objective in the medium term is to accredit one of our centres.

These group-wide global quality and safety certifications are complemented by other specific certifications achieved by some of our facilities in infection prevention and control (UNE 179006) and residential care management (ISO 158101).