Legal Notice

This Legal Notice regulates the use of the webpage (the Webpage) owned by Viamed Salud SL, with postal address in Av. de la Vega, 152 8108 Alcobendas-Madrid, contact: (+34) 91 62507 00 and (+34) 91 62507 01

Use of the Webpage requires the user to accept each and every one of the clauses indicated in this Legal Notice, as well as each of the warnings or specific clauses established for the provision of certain services, products, or the use of different areas within the Webpage.

Should they not accept the clauses established in the present Legal Notice, the User must abstain from accessing and/or using the services and/or contents placed at their disposal on the Webpage.

Use of the Webpage

The user must not use the Webpage to engage in any activities that are against the law, morality, public order and, in general, are required to make use of this Webpage in accordance with the conditions established in this Legal Notice. They must also refrain from engaging in advertising or commercial exploitation by sending messages under a false identity.

VIAMED SALUD only acts as the responsible party when providing information about its own services. It cannot be held responsible for any contents that users might send or publish, and which contravene this notice. Users are solely responsible for the accuracy and legality of such contents.

VIAMED SALUD may interrupt the service being used by the user and immediately terminate the relationship with the user if it detects that the Webpage itself or any of the services offered on the Webpage are being used in a way that contravenes this present Legal Notice.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

All texts, images, brands, graphics, logos, buttons, software files, colour combinations, as well as the structure, selection, ordering and presentation of contents, are protected by laws on Intellectual and Industrial Property. The reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation of any of the above elements is strictly prohibited except for personal and private use.

There is no guarantee that the contents are accurate or error-free, or that the free use of the contents by the user does not infringe the rights of third parties. Users are solely responsible for the proper or improper use of this Webpage and its contents.

The partial or total reproduction, retransmission, copying, transfer, or dissemination of the information contained in the Webpage is strictly prohibited, regardless of the purpose or the means used, without prior authorisation from the owner.


Links to third party sites may be included. Webpages or other sites belonging to third parties have not been reviewed nor are they subject to controls by VIAMED SALUD, which cannot be held responsible for the contents of these websites or for the measures taken regarding privacy or the processing of personal data.

We recommend that you carefully read the terms of use and privacy policy of these sites.

Should you wish to embed a link to any of the pages owned by VIAMED SALUD, you must notify the latter and obtain its express consent to create the link. VIAMED SALUD reserves the right to oppose the embedding of links to its website.


Users of legal age, who are responsible for minors, are reminded that it will be their sole responsibility to determine which services and/or content are not appropriate according to the age of the minor.

There are computer programmes that can filter and block access to certain content and services, so that it is possible to decide which content and services on the Internet minors may and may not access.


VIAMED SALUD shall not be directly or collaterally responsible for:

  • Quality of service, access speed, correct operation, availability, and continuity of operation of the Webpage.
  • Damage to the user’s equipment caused by use of the Webpage.
  • Cases in which a third party, in breach of established security measures, accesses or uses messages to transmit computer viruses.
  • Any kind of faults or defects in the contents transmitted, disseminated, stored, or made available.
  • The legality, trustworthiness, and usefulness of the contents that users transmit when using the Website or the services offered on it, as well as their truthfulness or accuracy.
  • The use that users make of the Webpage, nor is it guaranteed that they will do so in accordance with this Legal Notice.

Among other aspects, users will be responsible for:

  • The contents entered by them, especially the data and information entered and sent through the Webpage.
  • The performance of any type of illegal, rights-infringing, damaging, and/or harmful action.
  • The provision of untruthful or incorrect data.


This Legal Notice is written originally in Spanish and subject to current Spanish law. For any type of dispute arising from the use of the services offered or the contents of the Webpage, the parties accept the clause established in this Legal Notice and agree to be bound by the decisions of the Madrid Courts. If any of the clauses described in the Legal Notice are declared null and void, the remaining clauses will continue to apply and should not be affected by the declaration of nullity.

Last updated: 31 March 2022.